Lago di carezza oggi

Lake Carezza Karersee in German is a small alpine lake located in the Val d'Ega to 1, m in the municipality of Nova Levante, about 25 km from Bolzano.

It is nestled among thick pine forests and is located under the foot of the Latemar massif, which is reflected in its crystal clear water.

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The lake has no visible tributaries and is fed by underground springs. Its scope and its depth will vary depending on season and weather conditions: the highest level is usually reached in late spring with the melting snow.

In the following months, the water level drops, until towards the end of October the lake water level reaches the lowest, with a depth of 6 m. In winter, the lake usually freezes. Val Senales, il 30 novembre riaprono gli impianti di risalita. Passo Monte Croce apre le piste da sci. Questo sito contribuisce alla audience de. Accedi Registrati. Lago di Carezza, Dolomites. Alto Adige EggentalValdega. Sabato 29 Ottobre Durata: 1 min 36 sec. Frana sull'hotel Eberle di Bolzano, crolla parte della struttura.

Slalom Gigante della Gran Risa - La pista in primo piano!

lago di carezza oggi

Pista Saslong della ValGardena - Vista della gara in primo piano! Seiser Alm South Tyrol 4K drone footage. Alta Badia Dicembre Si parla ancora di Alto Adige. Previsioni complete.A story of love, of deception, of sorrow and of loss; a story that could only have been born in a fairytale world such as the Dolomites.

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He was in love - but the feeling was not returned. And so, he elicited the help of a witch who concocted a plan. The sorcerer was to take the form of a precious stones and jewellery seller and build a rainbow that went all the way from the Rosengarten to the Latemar.

Surely the nymph could not resist coming to shore to take a look?

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The rainbow did indeed attract the attention of Ondina, but the sorcerer made one fatal mistake - he forgot to wear his costume and was recognised immediately. Ondina dived deep into the lake and was never seen again.

lago di carezza oggi

Still to this day, the crystalline waters of Lago di Carezza are awash with the many-hued colours of an iris. And whether you believe this is due to mineral deposits beneath its shores, the reflections of the landscape that surrounds it or the old fairytale of South Tyrol's Ladin people, there is no denying that this lake is one of the finest beautyspots in the Dolomites. Therefore planning ahead, especially if you want to capture and enjoy it with fewer people, is necessary.

Whilst it's theoretically possible to visit Carezza at any time of the year roads being open of coursewe'd recommend at least waiting until the surface has cleared of snow, the lake has thawed out, and some of the glacier water from the mountains above has topped up the water levels. That said however, given its popularity as a destination, in the months of July and August the lake gets inundated with tourists.

So if you have the opportunity to pick when you can visit, we'd recommend visiting either side of the peak summer season April-June or September-October. We visited in early June and it was just marvellous; still a little snow on the peaks above, the water level was perfect and clear skies - all without too many people around! However, during our eight days in the Dolomites, we managed it more times than not - including for our morning spent beside Lago di Carezza.

We arrived about 40 minutes before the sun came up around 4. It's such a peaceful location that we can't imagine it being quite so magical with hordes of tourists around, so even if you're not too bothered about getting the perfect photo, if you want to experience Carezza at its absolute best, we'd still recommend getting up nice and early.

Alternatively, sunset is another great time to visit. There will naturally be more people around but the light is also excellent for around an hour before and just after the sun sets. How you choose to get to the lake very much depends upon where you are staying in the Dolomites the night before, and what time you'd like to arrive. Given its proximity to Bolzano the biggest city in the South Tyrol regionpublic transport connections to the lake are surprisingly good, but many people - us included - opt for a car rental for the duration of their time in this part of north-east Italy.

The Dolomites are made for a road trip, and so we honestly believe that this is the very best way to get around - especially if you're keen to explore areas super early before public transport really gets going.

As we wanted to get to the lake super early, we chose accommodation in the small town of Vigo di Fassa based on budget and proximity. From there, it was an easy minute journey to the lake. If you're coming from Bolzano - a good base for exploring this part of the Dolomites - it's about a 40 minutes drive along SS all the way to the lake.

You can find Lago di Carezza's location here on Google Maps. There is a large car park opposite the entrance to the lake.

We left by 6. If you plan on being at the lake for a significant period of time, or arrive once the visitors centre is open, we'd recommend using the large carpark. As we mentioned above, public transport connections to the lake are surprisingly good.

There No. Note when planning your day that the first bus does not depart Bolzano until 8. The Dolomites have an issue with responsible tourism - or lack thereof - from a growing minority. And if this isn't the first blog post of ours that you've read, you'll be aware that that is something we take pretty seriously. Unfortunately, Lago di Carezza is not immune to this problem, and it's specifically an Instagram issue. Before we'd visited, we'd seen countless images in our feed of this beautiful lake.

The water, the forest back drop and epic mountain ranges beyond. We had a sneaky suspicion that this was not something allowed by the authorities, a fact that was quickly confirmed by the new-looking wooden fence that prevents visitors from entering the lake - and the signs in not one, but three languages stating that you must not cross. The entirety of the lake is a conservation area, and in order for it remain pristine for future generations to enjoy, it's so important to respect the rules and regulations.

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Il Lago di Carezza

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La cornice montuosa del Latemar, il bosco di abeti sempreverdi e il gioco di colori cangianti fanno del lago di Carezza una meraviglia della natura. La rete di sentieri e la terrazza che lo circondano hanno lo copo di ridurre i danni da calpestio causati in passato e di impedirne di nuovi. Descrivere la superficie.

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Ulteriori informazioni. Tour Dolomiti di 4 giorni da Milano 1 recensione. Dolomiti - Tour con Racchette da Neve. Dolomiti Trekking Experience. Escursioni nelle Dolomiti con racchette da neve - escursione privata di un giorno da Bolzano 6 recensioni. Vista completa. Val d'Ega, Nova Levante Italia. Sito web. Il meglio nelle vicinanze. Mostra La Gran Vera - Moena. Adventure Park Piciocaa. Rifugio Passo Principe. Scrivi una recensione. Filtri selezionati.

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Lago sottovalutato. Data dell'esperienza: gennaio Utile Condividi. Alessia ha scritto una recensione a nov Ladispoli, Italia 16 contributi. Posto meraviglioso, da lasciare senza fiato. Siamo stati i primi di ottobre e con grandissima sorpresa abbiamo trovato tutto innevato, uno spettacolo.

Negozi di souvenir e ristoranti presenti nel piccolo complesso di negozi alle spalle del lago. Da rivedere assolutamente in estate!Al fine di permettere la Sua iscrizione ai servizi relativi ai contenuti generati dagli utenti di seguito ugc e consentirLe di accedervi Le chiediamo di prendere visione e di accettare le condizioni generali che disciplinano l'accesso ai servizi offerti. Accedi a Oggi. I seguenti campi non sono stati compilati correttamente:.

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lago di carezza oggi

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Video privato. Guarda il video. Martina Colombari e quelle proposte indecenti del passato: "Andavo a casa e piangevo". Oriana Sabatini con Paulo Dybala: "Sono bisessuale" Lago di Carezza Famiglia. Condividi su. Siti partner.Il legno ricavato dagli alberi del bosco nello specifico dagli abeti rossi in cui ci troviamo viene in parte utilizzato per la costruzione di violini.

La passeggiata prosegue tranquilla e i bambini procedono, chi nel passeggino, chi nello zaino dormendo alla grande e chi, in sicurezza, cammina al nostro fianco. Ritornati sul sentiero arriviamo presto alla macchina, felici per la bella bella giornata trascorsa al Lago di Carezza coi bambini!

Ringrazio Elena di giornirubati. Da sempre amante della montagna passione insita nel DNA, dato che i miei nonni sono originari delle Dolomiti Bellunesiracconto quanto sia bello camminare e fare trekking tra le cime con i propri bambini.

Lago di carezza un posto meraviglioso, ci sono stata da bambina e conosco molto bene la bellisima storia. Bellissimo…io adoro i laghi…. Bisogna assolutamente andarci una volta nella vita! Sito web. Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam. Scopri come i tuoi dati vengono elaborati. Azzurra Da sempre amante della montagna passione insita nel DNA, dato che i miei nonni sono originari delle Dolomiti Bellunesiracconto quanto sia bello camminare e fare trekking tra le cime con i propri bambini.

Ciclabile Torbole — Riva: sul lago di Garda col passeggino. Bambini al Rifugio Comici, col passeggino sotto il Sassolungo. Manuela thea Binucci dice: Bellissimo…io adoro i laghi…. Per continuare a navigare sul sito, in seguito al nuovo regolamento sulla privacy GDPRti chiediamo di accettare l'uso di cookie e tecnologie similari, al fine di personalizzare la tua esperienza.

Accetto No Informativa privacy.Lago di Carezza, also known as Lake Carezza or Karersee is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites region.

It is known for its emerald green color and the majestic backdrop of the mountains. In this article, I will share how to get there, hiking around the lake, and other useful information.

Depending on where you start your journey, there are several ways to get here. Going by car is the best way to get to Lago di Carezza in South Tyrol. There is a paid parking space on the opposite side of the road next to the lake. It is a circular route that takes about 20 minutes to complete. You can also stay and have a picnic and enjoy the scenic views and nature. The lack of artificial light makes Lake Carezza an ideal place for stargazing. There is also something special about being here alone at night.

Make sure to bring a tripod to your camera, so that you can capture the stars and scenery at night.

Reviewer notes

The depth of the lake varies, but the highest level measured was 22 meters, and the lowest level was 6 meters. The water is almost always crystal clear with great visibility. Then it will be completely frozen and covered by ice.

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And in the background, you will see the snowcapped mountains and the green pine trees. He got advice from a witch who said that she should dress up as a jewel merchant in order to seduce her. He should also make a rainbow all the way from Mt.

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Catinaccio to Mt Latemar. So, he did, but apparently, he forgot to dress up as a jewel merchant, and the mermaid disappeared forever into the depths of Lake Carezza. The wizard got so angry that he threw all of the rainbow as well as his jewels into the water. And according to the legend, this is why the lake features rainbow colors depending on the weather.

Most people will probably enjoy Lago di Carezza at most from the months of April to September. The most scenic views with the best colors from the lake can be seen on sunny days. I suggest coming here for sunrise or sunset. Arrive about minutes before sunrise or sunset in order to have sufficient time. I would say that the sunrise is especially spectacular as the lake will often be very calm in the morning. When the sun goes up you can see the warm colors touching the mountains and watch how the colors of the Lake Carezza changes and intensifies.

Have you also visited Lago di Carezza in the South Tyrol? Share your experience in the comment section below. Table of Contents.