Downhole back pressure valve

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Back Pressure Valve

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Back Pressure Valves. Help stabilize the downstream pressure and deliver consistent flow. Back Pressure Valves ensure that certain types of pumps deliver consistent flows or allow for high accuracy and stable operation.

Also known as loading valves or anti-siphon valves. Standard Materials. Standard Connections. Threaded Flanged Union Socket. Spring Ranges. Diaphragm Materials. Priming port Adjustment knob Metal tops Metal adjustment screw Material certifications. Variations and Options Include:. ARV Air release valve acts as a priming valve for a back pressure valve.

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Back Pressure Valve

This site requires cookies to allow access to certain content. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy.A back pressure valve is a type of control valve that holds pressure on production vessels such as separators, treaters, and free water knockouts and releases upstream pressure when a designated set point is reached.

Kimray founder Garman O. Kimmell created this product in Up to that point, oil and gas producers had to supervise their wells and adjust back pressure by hand to keep production running.

This meant producers could more accurately control their pressure across a variety of flows using the regulator.

downhole back pressure valve

The spring pushes down on the diaphragm assembly, which positions the pilot plug. The pilot plug then allows gas from upstream to push down on the diaphragm. The flow through this valve is from underneath the plunger.

The flow pushes up on the plunger as the gas is pushing down on the diaphragm. Because the diaphragm has a larger surface area than the plunger, the same pressure can hold the valve in a closed position. If pressure exceeds the set point, the upstream pressure pushes up on the diaphragm assembly, closing off the pilot plug.

Gas then vents from the top of the diaphragm and the valve regulates the upstream pressure. If your Back Pressure Regulator is stuck in the ON position, the small red stopper may still be in the breather plug. If your Back Pressure Regulator is venting continuously, the likely cause is you have wet or dirty gas in your pipeline. To correct, remove, clean, and dry the pilot plug, then re-install it. Back Pressure Regulators are meant for gas only, so if this continues to be a problem, you may consider bringing in dry supply gas to your regulator.

If your regulator will not open, a likely cause is that the pilot plug seat is loose. With a wrench, make sure the pilot plug seat is snug. Make sure the nut is tightened down, but not causing the seat to bulge. If the seat is bulging, back off the nut a quarter turn at a time until the seat sits flat. Mega Menu Valves. Linear Electric. Rotary Electric. Linear Pneumatic. Drip Pots. Flow Meters. Flow Meter Accessories. Flow Monitors.

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Sense Line Protectors. Solenoid Valves. Supply Gas Regulators. Other Accessories. Float Operated Controllers.In closed-loop drilling operations, such as managed pressure drilling and underbalanced drilling, the DDV system helps you to increase tripping speeds, enhance personnel safety, and minimize formation damage. It also provides an added measure of security when pipe is not in the hole. The system features a flapper-type seal mechanism that contains reservoir fluids in the casing to prevent pressure at the surface.

When the flapper is in the open position, the system allows full-bore passage for the drill bit. Drop us a line to learn more about our no-snub, no-kill alternative to conventional tripping. One of our DDV representatives will get back to you very soon. Show search Menu. Latest Products. New product Foresite Sense. New Product Velox. New Product Centro. New product Foresite Flow. New Product Victus. Latest News. Latest News The oil field gets digitalized with fast Case-History highlights.

downhole back pressure valve

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Back Pressure Control Valves for High Flow Liquid or Gas Service

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Discover more about the DDV solution Drop us a line to learn more about our no-snub, no-kill alternative to conventional tripping.Equilibar offers precision back pressure control valves for a wide variety of industrial applications, both liquid and gas.

Select your size range below:. Request a Quote See All Products. Traditional back pressure regulators use springs to gradually open as the overpressure is used to compress the spring. This change in the spring constant as the spring is compressed is a major source of error.

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Equilibar back pressure regulators control pressure in a precise one-to-one ratio to a pilot signal that is applied to the top of a diaphragm. The other side of the diaphragm is exposed to the process media pressure that is being controlled.

The diaphragm moves in response to a sensitive and precise force balance between the process media pressure and the pilot pressure. The pilot pressure is provided by a simple mechanical regulator or with a remotely controlled electronic pressure regulator.

The internal operation of the Equilibar regulator can be seen in the cross section diagram at right. The diaphragm is the only moving part and acts as the regulator by directly sealing against the internal orifices. The result is instantaneous control keeping the inlet process pressure in tight equilibrium with the pilot regulator. Speak to an Engineer Download Brochure.

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The diaphragm inside the Equilibar back pressure valve is its own closed loop system. The precise pressure balance maintained by the diaphragm means that the Equilibar valve will automatically modulate the flow rate to keep the upstream pressure matched to the pressure setpoint. A complicated feedback regulator or hard to tune PID loop is not required. The diaphragm inside the Equilibar is frictionless and sensitive to very small changes in the upstream pressure.

This diaphragm compensates for system changes automatically and immediately to keep the pressure matched to the pilot pressure. The diaphragm is loaded with a compressed gas pilot signal. This allows the diaphragm to respond to changes in the upstream pressure or flow rate within 10mS. The Equilibar back pressure valve controls pressure using a multiple orifice design. As the flow rate increases or decreases more or fewer orifices will be brought in to play by the action of the diaphragm.

Only one orifice might be required to modulate for very low flow rates while multiple orifices will be used when higher flow rates or surges in the flow occur. Flow rate turn down ratios of overare achievable. The diaphragm inside the Equilibar regulator is flexible and strong as it is manufactured from modern polymers.

This diaphragm allows the valve to control back pressure over a very wide range. For example, a psi control valve could be expected to control pressures as low as 25 psi while maintaining accuracy.

The term back pressure control valve and back pressure regulator are often used interchangeably. The Equilibar valves shown on this page are also referred to back pressure regulators on the rest of this site.

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Back-Pressure Valve installed in tubing hangers

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downhole back pressure valve

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downhole back pressure valve

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Downhole Deployment Valves

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